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WHAT'S NEEDED: LOTS OF CANONS AVAILABLE! Accepting students from all Hogwarts houses (and professors too), but more Death Eaters & Order of the Phoenix Members, along with Civilians would also be greatly welcomed!!




04/29: Site created and undergoing construction!


The Daily Prophet is hosting a summer festival to put some cheer back into the wizarding community! However, it may not end up being just all fun and games...for trouble may come walking in on those attending it. SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN HERE.
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Rules, Plot, and everything else that you need to know about this world can all be found here!
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Any questions? Need help finding things around the form? Members and guests alike are welcome to toss their questions here! Suggestions can also be thrown here as well!
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Any site updates and announcements will all be posted here!
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Ready to dive into our world? The registration process all starts here! Application template and claims lists can all be found here as well.
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All accepted applications can be found here!
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Have a wanted ad for a family member, lover, or friend? You can drop them here! Or for those who are not sure what to make, you can look here and see what catches your interest.
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Plotting and interacting with other characters is crucial for character growth, so have at it and go forth with your plots and ideas!
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If you want a development board to post all of your char dev needs, like thread trackers, muse boards, etc, just request one here and we'll make one for you!
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In the wizarding world, witches and wizards send one another letters through a system of owls. It can be a number of things, from howlers to a wrapped broomstick. Anything goes, really.
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As an attempt to put some cheer back into the wizarding community during these dark times, the Daily Prophet has decided to put on a festival for those to relax under the sun. But is it a good idea to put on a party in such dark times?
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Located in the Highlands of Scotland, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is where most British witches and wizards usually get their magical education from.
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A small village located close to the grounds of Hogwarts, this is a place where students like to flock to for fun on the weekends or during holidays. There are a variety of interesting shops and you can get a taste of that delicious butterbeer here too.
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As the capital of England, London is a hubbub of magical activity here that remains unknown to the muggles. It is also home to the British Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, St. Mungo's, and King's Cross Station.
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The wizarding British isles include the rest of England, Wales, Scotland, and all of Ireland.
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There are other wizarding communities out there in the world, along with other prestigious wizarding schools. The International Confederation of Wizards helps keep track of any wizarding activity around the world and make sure that their laws are being enforced.
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For all threads that take place in the past or the future, place them here. Be sure to specify when it takes place, somewhere in the thread description or thread title.
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For all those AU ideas you want to play out!
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This is where you can play games or chat with your fellow writers! You can also request for graphics here as well.
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Going away for some time? Post an away notice here to let us know what's up!
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All advertising and affiliating go here! GUEST-FRIENDLY!!!
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All dead/inactive/completed threads will be locked and moved here! Members can still access these threads.
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